The Must-Have Digital Planner of 2020

I am what some might call “OCD” whenever it comes to organization. Especially whenever it comes to my digital life. Between my 9-5 job, my blog, my personal life and my school life, I have four different email accounts that I manage. I also utilize my iPad for all things note-taking related. Between work and […]

11 Must Have Travel Essentials

Flying both domestically and internationally requires you to bring some important essentials with you onto the plane. My first time flying taught me a very important lesson on what to pack & what not to pack, both in my suitcase and in my “personal item”. If you have never flown before, then you may not […]

5 Must Have Travel Outfit Pieces

Do you LOVE to travel? Me too! The thought of experiencing new cultures, foods, and everything in between, seriously gets me over the top excited. However, traveling can also wear you out. Especially if you aren’t prepared and you’re not wearing comfortable clothing. Below are 5 must have travel outfit pieces that you need to […]