5 Must Have Travel Outfit Pieces

Do you LOVE to travel? Me too! The thought of experiencing new cultures, foods, and everything in between, seriously gets me over the top excited. However, traveling can also wear you out. Especially if you aren’t prepared and you’re not wearing comfortable clothing. Below are 5 must have travel outfit pieces that you need to add to your closet ASAP!

Before taking off to the airport, it is very important to plan out your traveling day outfit. Being comfortable while looking “put together” is always a good goal for traveling. Especially if you are traveling for business. Below are some travel outfit essentials for both domestic and international flights.

#1 – A Basic T-Shirt

In today’s world, basic t-shirts are very easy to find, without breaking the bank. I recently ordered the Bloggerlove Women’s Basic V-Neck Shirt and fell in love with it! Which led me to ordering three more in different colors (I am actually wearing the Army Green one as I write this post!).

Basic T-Shirt

This shirt is made from a soft material that isn’t too lightweight, but isn’t too heavy either. It is longer in length, which means you can wear it with jeggings and booties for a casual, comfortable look. You can also easily “french tuck” this shirt into a cute pair of skinny jeans and dress it up a little with some accessories.

A basic t-shirt is a travel outfit must-have because you can sleep in it, layer a sweater or cardigan over it, easily clean it, pair it with a different pair of pants from your carry-on (more about that in a later post) if needed, etc.

#2 – Jeggings / Joggers / Skinny Jeans

Since domestic flights typically don’t last more than a few hours one-way, a comfortable pair of jeggings or skinny jeans are perfect. However, international flights call for a comfortable pair of joggers. Especially if you are going to be on an overnight flight.

Both jeggings and joggers pair well with a basic t-shirt like the one mentioned above. They also both pair well with casual sneakers, which leads me to my next travel outfit essential….

#3 – Casual Sneakers

The Adidas Grand Court Sneakers are one of the most comfortable pair of casual sneakers that I have ever owned. These sneakers can be worn with jeans, joggers, shorts, etc. You are also able to move quickly through the airport terminals to catch a connecting flight. The soles are not slippery. The width is quite comfortable. The price is not ridiculous. Overall, these sneakers are a great staple for your travel wardrobe.

Casual Sneakers

#4 – A Cardigan / Wrap

If you have never flown before, then you need to be warned that airplanes and airports can get a bit chilly sometimes. This travel wrap is perfect to toss into your carry-on for easy access when needed. Layering is key when flying. While the different atmospheres can get chilly at times, others can also get very warm. I can’t stress this enough. Layer, layer, layer.


#5 – Sunglasses

Airports can get very bright. Long flights can cause some seriously puffy eyes. Especially if you didn’t sleep well on the plane. Therefore, you need to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. The bigger, the better, in my opinion.


Remember, the most important thing about your travel day outfit should be that it is comfortable. While you hope for the smoothest travel day ever, you never know what may come your way. Make sure that you are prepared with these 5 must have travel outfit pieces, so that you can enjoy your final destination!

What are some of your favorite travel day outfit pieces? Please share in the comments below!

~ Laura ~

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